You've been vertically blinded

Temperatures are dropping in Sydney, and renters are more exposed to the cold than their home owning brethren. A friend told me recently that she had frost on her kitchen floor after a particularly chilly night. Naturally mum & dad investors are reluctant to spend extra money on their rental so the only option is to resort to some DIY - all without altering the appearance or putting a hook on the wall which your agent would take as 'wrecking the property'.

Winter-proof your windows and doors

Did you know that 25% of heat escapes through windows? Especially when you have vertical blinds. Previously adorning tax accountant offices and dental clinics, this has become a huge craze in Sydney. Vertical blinds are cheap and durable. They do not block out light, heat or cold. They look hideous. Did I mention that they are cheap?

Good news is we found a way to replace the blinds with thermal curtains without any damage or making modifications. All you need is a pleat pinch curtain and hooks. This allows you to use the rail of the vertical blinds to hang your own, nicer, and warmer curtain. We covered our patio door with a block out curtain and it’s so much warmer in the kitchen and dining area.

Simply remove the vertical blind panels one by one. A pleat curtain curtain works with special hooks that you insert into the sleeve at the back of the curtain. You can hang the hook directly into the clips of the rail, meaning that you can open and close the curtain like before.

Remember to pack away the vertical blinds neatly and hang them back before you hand back the property in its ugly, original state.

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