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This blog is about an entirely fictional city called Sy-de-ney in a made up country called Oztralia. The laws of economics don't apply here and house prices will never fall. Words generally mean the opposite (roomy means small, light filled means dark etc) and humans sit on the statues of pigeons. 

Editor: Avocado on toast


I am a serial renter, sociologist by training and a progressive by heart, who moved to Sydney in 2006.  As a Northern hemisphere girl, I grew in a house with double glazing and underfloor heating which left me ill prepared for my new life down under. I spent my first winter in front of the gas heater trying to warm my cold limbs.


Over the years I lived in the city, inner west, north west and south west, to be closer to work and eventually, to family as the offspring come along. My husband and I are serial renters who know the Residential Tenancies Act inside out. Our mission is to help others struggling with a system pinned against them. It’s not that I have a personal grudge against the people we are renting from. It’s their blatant disrespect for people and the law that’s seen me grow frustrated with the system.

My writing is influenced by commentators such as the team behind Things Bogans Like which taught me about the logic behind McMansions and the battler’s aspiration to get rich and tell others what to do.


I also owe many insights to Kath & Kim which showed me that there is more to Australian cities that the glitzy façade of the CBDs. If you want to see the true Australian soul, you have to travel to the suburbs. Finally, my literary idol Franz Kafka helps me see the idiosyncrasies of the rental market with a sense of humour.

Opinions are my own and based on personal experiences. I have chosen to write under a pseudonym as we are renting in the private market and won't have a roof over our head when the next no grounds termination arrives and we cannot secure the next hovel within two weeks notice.

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One of the reasons that young Australians can't afford their own home is that they eat too much avocado on toast. Did you know that avocados are actually a fruit? 

Moving In

We moved places in Sydney five times in the past 10 years. I just wished we had opted for the smaller sofa like these handsome people.

As a child I loved winter. What's more beautiful than looking at the snow from the window of a warm and comfortable house?